"Steph did our wedding in August 2019. We've had the privilege of knowing her for many years and seeing her grow in her passion so we were so excited to have her capture our special day. She was such a fun, bubbly and reassuring presence on the day, we felt so comfortable and confident. 


The photos themselves were BREATHTAKING, we love every single one of them. She was also very speedy in getting them to us, we were on the first day of our honeymoon and it was so exciting to see these beautiful photos so soon. 


Steph is not only an amazing photographer but she is passionate about the people she is working with. Thank you so much Steph for capturing every aspect of such a wonderful day."

Danika & Liam

(married August 2019)

"Steph was an absolute pleasure to deal with from start to finish. She is passionate about her work, and has fun doing it. She captured many amazing shots that my wife and I will cherish forever.” 

“Steph was our wedding photographer and she was amazing. She had scouted photo locations prior to our wedding and was prepared on the day with snacks. She has an amazing eye for photography. We were so impressed by her candid and posed pictures. She was organised with the family and group shots after the ceremony. Also, it was lovely to have her there personally before the ceremony. She is so friendly and calm and really made my morning so enjoyable. My husband and I highly recommend Steph and her work.”

Mitch & Ellie

(married May 2019)

Steph has a gift of capturing honesty and beauty in all that is put in front of her. Not only did she make me feel comfortable and welcome but directed me in natural ways to ensure I never felt lost. Her images, much like her personality, are stunning.

Ellen Tuffley


"Steph has the ability to make you feel at ease immediately. She beautifully captures authentic moments with an eye for detail. She had both patience and flexibility throughout the process of planning, executing and editing our shoot and her passion for photography is incredibly evident through her work!"


Emma Underhill

(Family session 2019)

"As a fellow photographer working alongside Steph, I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. She was always prompt, reliable and easy going. Steph was a team player and consistently demonstrated outstanding communication skills with not only clientele but also fellow team members and supervisors. When working with Steph you always knew that photos were going to be of an incredibly high caliber, well edited and presented on time. More than this though, Steph always seemed to capture the moments no one else saw. I have never worked alongside someone more eager to see every single person and place she photographed look not only beautiful, but stand out amongst a crowd. You could always pick her work out, and it was always stunning. Steph has, and continues to take, some of the most memorable photos I’ve ever seen.

Maddi Farmer

(fellow photographer)

"We recently had a family photoshoot with Steph from ‘Let Me Wander Photography’ to commemorate our 30th wedding anniversary. The photo shoot itself was relaxed and fun, which no doubt contributed to the natural feel and candidness of the finished product. In addition, Steph managed to capture the warmth and feeling between our family members in many of the shots, which to us is the main reason we love our family photographs so much."


Jodie Underhill

(Family session 2019)

"Steph captured our wedding in December 2019. She was professional, punctual and oh so easy to work with. Yeah, she took some mighty fine pics - but most photographers will get you that. 


Weddings are full of little moments. Steph caught every one. Every little smile, each twinkle, and all of the soft moments we shared. But the best part is the unobtrusive way she goes about getting those shots. Looking through her photos, I don’t know how many times I’ve said - I can’t believe she got that! Where was she standing to get that? How didn’t we see her?

Thanks for capturing our beautiful day, Steph. We cannot recommend you enough!"

Tyras & Angelica

(married December 2019)

"Steph did a newborn shoot with our precious little one Aqua! She was so gentle and caring and made us feel so at ease as first time parents. She captured the most amazing shots of not only our little one but also some amazing natural shots of us interacting as a family! Thank you so much Steph, I will treasure these incredible photos for ever!!"


Jen, Tash & little Aqua

(Family session 2019)

"I’m so glad I found Steph! She has an excellent attention to detail and manages to capture the essence of a person, not just their face. Steph’s photography showcased my production in the most professional, amazing way."


Maureen Bowra

(Musical Theatre Director + Choreographer)

Image: Grease Jnr, Harvest Rain Talent Academy

"Steph was one of the photographers for our wedding. I cannot express enough how genuinely brilliant she is as a photographer. She was professional the entire time, both on the day and in meeting with us beforehand to make sure we were all on the same page. She is completely open and enthusiastic to try getting different shots, even when it poured with rain the entire day and finished late in the evening, she did her best to get every shot we had dreamed of while planning.


Steph worked adaptively and well in the team with the other photographer, they bounced ideas around and shared the load throughout the day and got a consistent result throughout. Her rates are extremely reasonable (she should really be charging more) and gave us maximum flexibility with what we could do with the shots afterwards.


Steph’s passion shines through in her work, you not only get great photos, but a genuine and caring approach that makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera and unafraid to show the true you. Thanks Steph for capturing the special moments in our special day!"

Tessa & Josiah

(married July 2019)

"We are very grateful to Stephanie's dedication and professionalism by capturing this moment of joy and celebrating two people fusion. It was great having her around. Thanks to her we were able to share this special day with everyone who was not present on the day. The photos are magnificent with a lot of character. We highly recommend her service to anyone who needs professional photography. "

Jean-Philippe & Lydia

(married October 2020)

"Steph is not only a fabulous photographer, but her personality made me feel so special when getting my headshots done. This was my first time getting headshots and Steph guided me every step of the way. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome, her eye for detail is incredible and should be commended. I thank Steph for her amazing work and for providing me with the best headshots a theatre kid could ask for."

Taylor Trost


Hey there!

The name is Steph! A Brisbane-based photographer with a passion for capturing images without breaking the bank. 

If you had to sum me up in a sentence, it would be: 

A passionate photographer who loves a good Pinot Gris, owns too many books and has her heart in New Zealand.