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Brand Ethos


"In short: when we are exposed to sunlight, trees, water or even just a view of green leaves, we become happier, healthier and stronger. People living in green spaces have more energy and a stronger sense of purpose..."

by Julia Baird

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Find your freedom.

I am driven to capture images that impact and inspire people to find their freedom.

In 2016 I was working in a job I loved but it was burning me out. I felt flat, overstretched and had ultimately lost touch with myself.


I felt trapped.

The feeling of being trapped in a 9-5 job facing constant demands, stress, deadlines, burnout, and being constantly plugged in/accessible takes such a huge toll on our physical and mental well being.

One trip changed all that for me.

I went to New Zealand in 2016 and I found myself rediscovering a feeling of freedom; shedding of mental weight and expectations; my lungs re-inflated. Getting out in nature, putting myself first, exploring, finding my wild, unplugging for a bit... it brought everything into focus for me.

I reconnected with myself.

And I wanted to share with the world how good it felt and how everyone else could feel that way too.

I thought for so long my passion was just landscapes and photography, but I've realised it's deeper than that. My passion is sharing an answer to that desperation that so many of us feel trapped in.

We need to disconnect to reconnect with who we are. We need to find our wild again. We need to find our freedom. 

Stopping gives us power. It recharges us. It gives us a moment to recalibrate, reassess, realign...

Once I got out in nature, once I stopped, I disconnected and then re-discovered who I was. I want to inspire others to experience the power of nature and the importance of putting yourself first.


You are worth the investment in your own relaxation & joy. 


You only have one life: fill it with the things you love.

Key Brand Message
Creative Purpose

'A visual journey in the appreciation of nature, captivating landscapes and finding the joy in our beautifully flawed existence."


Key Brand Message
Creative Mission

"Eye-catching, irresistible imagery capturing unmissable detail & key brand messaging for tourism boards, brands and companies."


Key Brand Focus
Nature Focused Travel

Our planet has so much to offer. Yet we spend so much time stuck on our phones, living in a busy cities or being constantly driven by the needs and demands of others and this non-stop existence we have created for the human race. 

My expertise as an landscape photographer is driven by my passion to entice and encourage others to hop off the beaten track, get out in nature, soak up that sunset, chase down a waterfall or stand in awe of a glacier and feel the raw, scientifically proven power of nature on our mental and physical health.


Key Brand Focus
Australian & Kiwi Businesses

I am a proud Aussie-Kiwi, and as a small business owner I understand how crucial it is for there to be solidarity and support across our community.


Supporting you through my skills as a photographer and content creator, in conjunction with my understanding of your needs from a brand & marketing perspective through my background and experience in Public Relations and Social Media Management, I believe we can create eye-catching, irresistible content that will grow your client base and brand reach.


Client Testimonial
Maddi Farmer

"As a fellow photographer working alongside Steph, I can't recommend her highly enough. She is always prompt, reliable and easy going. Steph is a team player and consistently demonstrates outstanding communication skills with not only clientele but also fellow team members and supervisors. When working with Steph you always know the photos are going to be of an incredibly high caliber, well edited and presented on time.


More than this though, Steph always seems to capture the moments no one else sees. I have never worked alongside someone more eager to see every single person and place she photographs look not only beautiful, but stand out amongst a crowd. You can always pick her work out, and it is always stunning.


Steph has, and continues to take, some of the most memorable photos I’ve ever seen."

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