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The girl behind the lens.
Travel, Nature & Landscape Photographer

Steph S03417.jpg

Image by Kenn Santos / PIF Prods

I'm Steph, a photographer based in Brisbane, Australia in constant pursuit of capturing captivating landscapes.

I got my first Kodak film camera as a kid and began snapping away without realising it would turn into a life-long passion and career. With an incredible eye for detail and passion for landscape and travel photography, I am a creative intent on taking people on a visual journey in the appreciation of space. I thought for so long that my passion was just landscapes and photography, but realised it is deeper than that - I believe in sharing an answer to the exhaustion, anxiety and burn out that so many people feel trapped in; by reconnecting with nature and revelling in space.

I aim to transport people with my imagery. With years of experience in photography and public relations, I am adept at capturing the essence of a brand and highlighting the unique, eye-catching features that make it stand out in an industry led by big corporations. Connecting with tourism boards, and supporting boutique businesses that are the backbone of the travel industry and community is a core value of my business. I am passionate about helping brands develop content that draws people in, building a community of loyal and invested clients.

Collaborating with brands excites and motivates me, and I approach my work with an innovative, fresh and creative outlook to deliver inspiring, eye-catching content. I am incredibly driven to only work with brands who align with my ethos and messaging, as authenticity is incredibly key and close to my heart.


If you would like to work with me, please don't hesitate to get in touch - I'd love to hear from you. Shoot me an email at and let's chat!




“Seek awe and nature daily... show kindness; practise grace; eschew vanity; be bold; embrace friends, family, faith and doubt, imperfection and mess; and live deliberately.” - Julia Baird, 'Phosphorescence'

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