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My Photography Kit: Canon Lenses

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

I've designed my photography kit over a number of years, saving my pennies to afford different lenses to provide me with almost a full range of coverage. I've listed below the lenses in my kit with a little bit on why I love each one and what I use it for.


10-22mm Wide Angle Lens - This was the first additional lens I purchased as it is one of the common lenses used for landscape photography. I've been using this lens for about 5 years now and it's still one of my favourites for landscape photography. The super-wide ability of the lens provides beautiful shots, capturing much of the landscape in front of you. If you are a budding landscape photographer, I'd definitely encourage adding this lens to your kit! You can get yours here:

18-55mm Standard Kit Lens - This is the lens that comes with most Canon body's when you purchase them. It's a great general purpose lens, especially for budding photographer's just starting out or if you want to track light but have some range to work with. If your Canon body didn't come with a lens, you can get yours here:

24-70mm All-Rounder/Zoom Lens - The latest (and most expensive) addition to my kit! This lens delivers images on a whole other level of quality. It's worth every cent for the output it delivers. You can check out the review I did on the blog the other day here.

40mm Pancake Lens - super affordable, super lightweight and delivers some stunning portrait & street photography. I've also used this little guy on weddings to capture some details or unclose moments! You can get one here:

50mm Pancake Lens - another affordable, compact little gem of a lens! This is one of my favourites for portrait photography - I shoot all my headshot sessions with this lens as it's foreground focus is SUPERB and delivers a beautiful soft background. 100% would recommend adding this guy to your kit - you can grab one here:

70-200mm Telephoto Lens - This baby is HEAVY but I wouldn't want to shoot a wedding without it, or go travelling without it's incredible zoom capabilities. The clarity and zoom range makes this another important investment in any photographer's kit. It's provides you with the ability to capture intimate moments without being apart of the moment - key for weddings or engagement shoots! And I can't go past the close-up mountain shots that I've gotten from this lens. You can get yours here:

Low light nature shot taken with my 24-70mm lens

What lenses do you have that you love? Pop it down in the comments below!

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