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In The Biz: Hannah Redman, Photographer

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Today in the series we have the incredibly kind-hearted human and talented photographer, Hannah Redman.

Hannah and I met on a holiday camp in 2009 - we were such babies! I've always admired Hannah's integrity and the positivity that she brings to everything she approaches in life. And it shines through in her incredible photography work.

Hannah runs Hannah Redman Images, her photography business, which is going from strength to strength! Primarily a wedding photographer, she also loves capturing couples, families and newborns. Based in the Scenic Rim and covering SEQ, she creates timeless pieces that really capture the essence of her clients personality. And her work in AMAZING!

Fellow photographers - I also want to mention that Hannah, along with her husband Sam, have another small business called Strapped Camera Co that designs and produces Aussie made kangaroo leather camera straps. How amazing? Check it out here.

Find Hannah Redman Images online!

You can check out her business Hannah Redman Images on Instagram, Facebook and her website!


How long have you been running your business for? And what is your business about?

I've been doing photography for about 10 years but officially launched Hannah Redman Images 1.5 years ago.

My business is mostly wedding and family photography for the 'vibrant, adventurous types'.

What made you decide to go down the path of running your own small business?

The freedom to make something my own! I've always been passionate about both photography and business and even studied business at uni, so it was only a matter of time before I'd launch something that combines my two passions: my own photography business.

Do you ever feel pressure to be “killing it” on social media? i.e. - do the number of likes or comments impact you?

YESSS! I've struggled with this for sure. It's always super easy to compare with other businesses. I think I realised it was taking a toll on me a few months ago and decided to stop comparing and stressing over the followers and likes and simply 'run my own race' (so to speak). To be true to my voice and my brand and to focus on my people. I would much rather less followers who are super passionate about my brand than thousands who don't even know who I am. Ultimately, that's how my business will grow.

"There's always ups and downs in business and it's the downtimes where the best lessons are learned!"

What does it mean to you to invest in yourself? In terms of both your business and you personally?

To me in both business and personal: Invest = rest. To take time to breathe, spend time with loved ones and even prioritise some self-care (especially in the crazy times!)...if I'm not operating at my best it's going to affect my clients and my personal life. It's been a steep learning curve (recovering workaholic here!) but it's been so worth it!

At the same time, it's always so important for me to be a lifelong learner and to never get to the stage where I think I know everything. There's always more to learn!!

What would you say has been the biggest challenge you have faced so far?

The biggest challenge has probably been overcoming my own insecurities of what I think people think of me and my business. I've had to learn I'm not going to be able to please everyone and that my style may not appeal to everyone - & that's ok! I've seen so much growth since I've embraced my true brand identity and stopped worrying about what others think.

I've also had to overcome a fear of failure, no growth.

How do you celebrate your business wins?

Do a happy dance!..and sometimes I'll go out to dinner with my husband but most times it's just taking the time to a pause and acknowledge that something really cool just happened.

What is something that you find is taboo about small business to talk about?

I think it's taboo to talk about the days when business isn't going as so well. It's like you can't mention that you're having a dry spell because it reflects you're unsuccessful or your business is failing (which is absolutely not true!). There's always ups and downs in business and it's the downtimes where the best lessons are learned! I'm always much more successful straight after a quiet period!

And how do you think we can go about breaking down that stigma?

I think speaking openly and honestly without judgement and appreciating that there's always good and bad days in business would be an incredible start!

"It's always so important for me to be a lifelong learner and to never get to the stage where I think I know everything. There's always more to learn!!"

If you could look yourself in the eye back as you were starting out, what would you say to yourself?


You need a village of people cheering you on and mentoring you. You even need some people who will tell you what you need to hear, not just what you want to hear so that you can grow. Even if you have to pay for it, education and mentoring is worth every cent.

Who is your biggest inspiration? - small biz, big biz, anywhere in between!

My biggest inspiration is a photographer called James Day. He is an incredibly talented photographer but SO down to earth and always willing to help others. He is ALWAYS true to his brand and his voice. He's also never content to just keep doing things the way they've always been done. I really appreciate that and aspire to have a similar mindset.

Make sure you give Hannah's business a follow on social media and check out her work on her website! And if you can share a post, or if you book a session, make sure you share it with the world and get the word out about her amazing work!


How To Make An Impact:

It's so easy to do.

- A follow, a like, a comment or a purchase all go a long way in the world of small business.

- We mindlessly scroll through Instagram and Facebook, so if you can take two of those seconds to interact with online content you'll be making an impact bigger than you know for that small business.

- Buy from small businesses. Christmas is coming up! Birthday's! Any time you need to give a gift, think of buying from a small business first.

- Leave a review - Facebook, Google, their website or email them!

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