The weekly planner for those who want a simple yet detailed step to add into their weekly routine.
Featuring images by Let Me Wander Photography.
What's included?
2021 Twelve Month View (3 pages)
52 Week Spread (12 pages)
Goal Setting Pages - incl. 12 month, 3 year and 5 year (4 pages)
Personal Revelations (1 page)
Business/Work Revelations (1 page)
Weekly Focus Pages (52 pages)
Blank Notes Pages (6 pages)
The Weekly Planner has all the same content as 'The Weekly Focus' but with MORE! 
- In my mind I've designed it to be used every Sunday night.
- It will take 5-10 minutes in which you reflect on the previous week (in the Weekly Wins section of each planner page) before looking ahead to the week that is coming.
- Narrowing down our ever growing to-do lists into 5 must-do's and 5 if-I-can items each week, will help to recalibrate the mindset that we must
 to tick everything off our lists each week - even when we don't.
- Each week also contains a gratitude section which you can add to as the week goes along or when you reflect on a Sunday night.
- The 52 Week Spread section allows for you to write down events for the week (i.e. birthdays, Christmas etc.)
- Each week is dated (running Sunday to Saturday) and corresponds with the 52 Week Spread pages
- I've also included some Goal Setting pages to be filled out when you have time - these are not a weekly process. There is a page for Business/Work Goals and Aspirations, and Personal Revelations - working out what is important to you. 
The Weekly Planner is a small square planner that will easily fit in a handbag or take up minial space on a bedside table, with a matte hardcover and silk pages that are beautiful to write on. 

Page Length: 100 pages
Cover: Hardcover
Colour: Full Colour
Paper: Silk 130gsm
Size: 150mm x 150mm
Price: $55.00 AUD (ex. shipping)
*Local code for pick up applies to this product.
Pre-Order's Close at 6pm AEST on Tuesday 15th of December. These will not be available by Christmas. 

The Weekly Planner


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