The weekly planner for those who want a simple step to add into their routine.
Featuring images by Let Me Wander Photography.
What's included?
4 x Goal Setting Pages (incl. 12 month, 3 year and 5 year goals)
1 x Personal Revelations Page
1 x Business/Work Revelations
52 x Weekly Focus Pages
4 x Blank Notes Pages
I designed this planner as something I would actually want to use each week. I have a pile of planners, journals, diaries etc. that I also leave unfilled because I either don't have the time to sit down and fill out the sections each week, or I miss an entry then I've wasted a page, or I just don't words to fill the massive space they leave for your answers. 
Hence, the Weekly Focus was born. 
- In my mind I've designed it to be used every Sunday night.
- It will take 5-10 minutes in which you reflect on the previous week (in the Weekly Wins section of each planner page) before looking ahead to the week that is coming.
- Narrowing down our ever growing to-do lists into 5 must-do's and 5 if-I-can items each week, will help to recalibrate the mindset that we must
 to tick everything off our lists each week - even when we don't.
- Each week also contains a gratitude section which you can add to as the week goes along or when you reflect on a Sunday night.
- Purposely designed without dates, this planner can be started at any point in the year. The weeks are left un-dated and un-numbered - so no more blank pages!
- I've also included some Goal Setting pages to be filled out when you have time - these are not a weekly process. There is a page for Business/Work Goals and Aspirations, and Personal Revelations - working out what is important to you. 
The Weekly Focus is a small square planner that will easily fit in a handbag or take up minial space on a bedside table, with a matte hardcover and silk pages that are beautiful to write on. 

Page Length: 80 pages
Cover: Hardcover
Colour: Full Colour
Paper: Silk 130gsm
Size: 150mm x 150mm
Price: $45.00 AUD (ex. shipping)
*Local code for pick up applies to this product.
Pre-Order's Close at 6pm AEST on Tuesday 15th of December.
*Please note, final image is of the physical The Weekly Planner for reference. These will not be available by Christmas. 

The Weekly Focus Planner


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