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Find your freedom.

I am driven to capture images that impact and inspire people to find their freedom.

In 2016 I was working in a job I loved but it was burning me out. I felt flat, overstretched and had ultimately lost touch with myself.


I felt trapped.

The feeling of being trapped in a 9-5 job facing constant demands, stress, deadlines, burnout, and being constantly plugged in/accessible takes such a huge toll on our physical and mental well being.

One trip changed all that for me.

I went to New Zealand in 2016 and I found myself rediscovering a feeling of freedom; shedding of mental weight and expectations; my lungs re-inflated. Getting out in nature, putting myself first, exploring, finding my wild, unplugging for a bit... it brought everything into focus for me.

I reconnected with myself.

And I wanted to share with the world how good it felt and how everyone else could feel that way too.

I thought for so long my passion was just landscapes and photography, but I've realised it's deeper than that. My passion is sharing an answer to that desperation that so many of us feel trapped in.

We need to disconnect to reconnect with who we are.


We weren't born holding phones, being contactable and 'expected' to respond immediately. We lose ourselves, our true selves, living to appease the opinions and thoughts of everyone else. 

We need to find our wild again. We need to find our freedom. 

That's what I'm all about.

Encouraging people and inspiring them to chase that feeling of freedom, that feeling of being wild, comfortable in your own skin, confident in yourself and your purpose on this planet. For some people, they will find that by reading a book or listening to a podcast, but I firmly and passionately believe that only you can tell yourself who you are.


Disconnect to Connect

Standing in the wild you look out and it’s just nature. No opinion you have to worry about. No apologies you feel the need to make for any part of who you are. You can be 100% you, subconsciously and/or consciously. 

Surrounded by elements that just want to kiss your face, brush your feet and hands, embrace you in the wind, make you gasp in its crisp air, laugh in its glorious sunshine, stand in awe of its peaks and crevasses, bask in its warmth and feel refreshed in its rain. 

Nature doesn’t care how you look - nature just wants to embrace you in its simplicity, beauty and intricacy.

Nature is free and wild. 


It wants you to feel the same.


That mindset it catching. Once it grabs hold of you, you take it back with you into your day to day. Listen to that whisper; answer the call of your spirit to chase down the most true version of yourself. 


That connection will open so many doors.


To yourself; others; nature; the universe. 

Let's be wild.

Inspiring through imagery.

I thought for so long that burnout meant I was successful.

Boy was I wrong. 

Stopping gives us power. It recharges us. It gives us a moment to recalibrate, reassess, realign...

You only have one life: fill it with the things you love.

If you love wine, go on that winery tour! (I bloody love a wine tour.)

If you love adrenaline, go do that wild adventure you've always wanted to! 

If you've got a bucket list destination, then save up and book it. 

Live your life. Live it for you. Not for anyone else. 

I've discovered so many things that make me feel alive, refreshed; 110% myself:

- photography

- horseriding

- watching a sunset

- savouring a really beautiful meal

- making cocktails

- reading a book

- skiing (I suck at it but I love it)

- going for a walk/hike

- standing at the bottom of a mountain and appreciating just how small I am

- sipping a hot cup of coffee outside on a freezing cold morning

- watching the joy on people's faces when they are doing something they love

- listening to fire crackling in a fireplace

- New Zealand (all of it)

But I discovered them all once I got out, I disconnected and then discovered who I was again.

I found my freedom and my wild again. 

I want to inspire others to find that spark and that joy.

Disconnecting to reconnect.

Inspire people to find their wild.


If the ethos of Let Me Wander Photography hits home with your brand, I would love to hear from you. Shoot me an email at

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Client Testimonial
Maddi Farmer

"As a fellow photographer working alongside Steph, I can't recommend her highly enough. She is always prompt, reliable and easy going. Steph is a team player and consistently demonstrates outstanding communication skills with not only clientele but also fellow team members and supervisors. When working with Steph you always know the photos are going to be of an incredibly high caliber, well edited and presented on time.


More than this though, Steph always seems to capture the moments no one else sees. I have never worked alongside someone more eager to see every single person and place she photographs look not only beautiful, but stand out amongst a crowd. You can always pick her work out, and it is always stunning.


Steph has, and continues to take, some of the most memorable photos I’ve ever seen."


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