Hey there!

I'm Steph; a travel bug with a passion for photography and social justice.

I got my first camera when I was about 8. It was one of those Kodak film cameras that you had to take into the shop to get the film developed and wait like 3 weeks for it to be returned. Those were the good ole days – I have so many photos of my sister and I in New Zealand on my Aunty’s farm and my finger features heavily in about 80% of them, obscuring the image with a lovely pink blur. I was quite the budding photographer! 


My main area of passion with photography is landscapes. It’s my recharge. Being creative, spending time by myself out in nature surrounded by nothing but the sound of the wind in the trees, the sun on my face or the stars in the sky – I love it. That’s my happy place.


My favourite travel destination is New Zealand. People often laugh at me when I say I’m going back to New Zealand again but I can’t explain to you the joy I feel when I go back. It’s the epitome of nature in its raw beauty; pure, rugged nature – completely majestic and untouched. What more could you want? 


After upgrading my camera to the Canon 80d in the past few years I have since started expanding my skills into wedding, live performance & event, studio, newborn, portrait and family photography. 


Aside from landscape photography I wouldn’t say I have a “favourite” type of photography. I just like telling a story and capturing a moment.  

Thanks for stopping by to have a look at my adventures!

Steph xx

Hey there!

The name is Steph! A Brisbane-based photographer with a passion for capturing images without breaking the bank. 

If you had to sum me up in a sentence, it would be: 

A passionate photographer who loves a good Pinot Gris, owns too many books and has her heart in New Zealand.

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